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We are excited to launch this new blog, Voices on Stewardship, in partnership with others in the Christian community who are interested in strengthening stewardship and creating sustainable ministries in their churches. Our mission is to bring together people of influence to provide inspiration, guidance and resources on growing generosity in churches of all sizes.

This blog is non-denominational and independent of any participating organization. You’ll find that our contributors offer points of view from across the spectrum, and we want to encourage respectful, but vigorous, debate about stewardship and giving. What we have in common is our commitment to serving as an informational resource and support group for those seeking new and more effective ways to help their ministries flourish.

Voices will cover a variety of topics that fall into four general categories focused on generosity and stewardship:

  • Inspirational – stories about meaningful results of giving, told from the viewpoint of the giver and/or those who benefited.
  • Ministerial – posts about stewardship and giving from the pastoral point of view.
  • Administrative – practical information about stewardship and fundraising for operational and administrative church professionals.
  • Technical – information about electronic solutions for processing contributions, understanding giving profiles and reaching givers through technology.

We plan to post once each week on Wednesdays, and expect to increase that schedule as we gain contributors. Be sure to sign up for updates. We’ll add resources including articles, videos and interactive programs such as webinars to the website, and also participate on social media as we continue to evolve.

To do that, though, we need you. If you’re interested in adding your voice to our conversation, or in sponsoring the blog, we invite you to contribute your voice. To fulfill our mission, we want to hear from as many people willing to share their thoughts and expertise as possible. We look forward to the creative suggestions and opportunities that will come from a growing family of Voices contributors.

Churchgoers’ giving behaviors are driven by strong emotions and are deeply rooted in the Bible and a desire to help the church. People believe that their churches do important work, and they enjoy feeling that they are helping them accomplish their missions. To say it simply, church members want to give. Voices on Stewardship can help leaders tap into that desire and create meaningful, sustainable ministries that serve others year after year.

Thank you for your interest in Voices on Stewardship. Let’s get the conversation started!

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