Water From Another Time


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Visualize an old, rusty water pump handle from earlier times. Use your creative juices to think of all of the water that comes as a result of priming the pump. Do you realize that water from an earlier time is necessary to prime a pump for fresh and cool water?

Recently, I came across lyrics to a song, John McCutcheon’s “Water From Another Time.” The words to the chorus state:

It don’t take much, but you gotta have some

The old ways help the new ways come

Just leave a little extra for the next in line

They’re gonna need a little water from another time.

What a great reminder of what faithful stewardship is all about. We are beneficiaries today from a long line of stewards who have left “a little water from another time.”

How are you doing by leaving your stewardship watermarks in the bucket for others coming after you?  The last verse of the song states:

Newborn cry in the morning air

The past and the future are wedded there

In this wellspring of my sons and daughters

The bone and blood of living water

And, though Grandpa’s hands have gone to dust,

Like Grandma’s pump; reduced to rust,

Their stories quench my soul and mind

Like water from another time.

Be a faithful steward today. Allow the water you pump-up to impact the world’s lostness with the joy you have found in Christ. For He is the stream of LIVING WATER! (John 4:7-38)

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