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What have other church leaders been reading and discussing in 2018? I have spent this year traveling across the country, connecting with church leaders at conferences and tradeshows. With those experiences in mind and insights from Voices on Stewardship most-read articles, our team has rounded up some key takeaways to give you a clear sense of industry trends and practical things church leaders are doing to grow their ministries.

As you’ll see, our readers have been focused on actionable ways to increase generosity in the church and maintain strong and transparent relationships with their congregations.

  1. How Pastors Can Help Make Stewardship Corporate Again

In this thought-provoking post, VOS contributor Adam Copeland takes on big questions like Should stewardship be focused on the individual or the community? How might we make stewardship more communal? and What might communal stewardship look like in congregations?

Read the full post here for answers to these important inquiries.

  1. 20 Ideas for How to Do Ministry With Zero Dollars

Not everything in the church has a dollar amount attached to it. In this post, VOS contributor Philip Nation says that “evangelism, discipleship and impacting spiritual growth in people can be done with zero money involved.” He backs it up by providing 20 ways ministry is accomplished without any financial cost.

Get all 20 ideas and read the full post here.

  1. Confronting Secrecy: A Pastor’s Knowledge of Giving

Why is it that we entrust pastores with the deepest aspects of spiritual, emotional, and physical health and wellbeing but feel that money is off limits? In this popular post, Aimee Laramore dives deep into this common hang-up, questions the status quo, and offers advice on how to confront the secrecy that exists in our faith communities.

Explore the full challenge here.

  1. Not All Thank Yous Are Created Equal: Your Approach Matters

VOS contributor Rusty Lewis is passionate about the importance of saying thank you. In this post, he offers real-life examples of thank-you emails that he’s received and analyzes each to help readers learn how (and how not) to thank givers.

Gain inspiration into real gratitude here.

  1. God Versus Money

In light of the sad news of a boy who had been killed when another boy wanted to steal his tennis shoes, VOS contributor J. Clif Christopher examines the cult of ‘more’ and how we can pursue a richer spiritual existence and less materialism.

Deepen your heart with the story here.

  1. How to Use Social Listening to Get More Donations for Your Church

What is social listening and how can you use it to increase support of your church? In this informative post, Richard Bauer (that’s me!) shines a light on this exciting trend and how it can help church communities of all sizes move mountains and fuel the support of a united mission or cause.

Learn how to listen better here.

  1. A Pez For God

What do dispensers of small, rectangular candies have to do with grace? In this post, VOS contributor Dr. David Anderson dives deep into 1 Peter 4:7-11 to remind readers that we serve because of the awesome privilege to be a grace dispenser to the world.

Get inspired here.

  1. What’s New in Giving? Four Trends to Act On

Have you ever felt discouraged about declining attendance rates at your church? In this post, VOS contributor Rusty Lewis shares thoughtful insights about four new giving trends and how you can quickly act on each to turn things around.

Equip yourself with these four trends here.

Thank you to our incredible contributors and to you, our readers, for making this platform what it is. We can’t wait to continue to provide inspiration, guidance, and resources on growing generosity in the church in the new year.  

Have a topic you’d like to ready about in 2019? We’d love your feedback! Get in touch with the Voices on Stewardship team any time.

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