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One part of my job as the eGiving Ambassador for GivePlus, the faith-based giving part of Vanco, is that I get to roam the country and talk with church leaders about cultivating stewardship in their churches. Naturally, this is why I have adored reading and writing for this site, which Vanco built to be devoted to discussing and improving stewardship.

This will be our last post on the Voices on Stewardship site. At Vanco, we’re reorganizing our online presence to focus on reaching a larger audience through our main company website, Much of the wonderful and insightful writing we posted here will be published on the Vanco site.

When we started Voices on Stewardship a few years ago, the goal was to start a conversation about stewardship and give leaders ideas and inspiration for making their churches thrive both spiritually and financially. I’m pleased to say we’ve accomplished that goal.

I’m grateful to all of the writers who contributed their work to the site. It’s been a privilege to host this array of bright and talented writers and stewardship experts. We would not have been able to complete our mission without these writers who generously shared their work with us.

Finally, thank you, readers, for being such an engaged and curious audience. We knew there was an audience for Voices on Stewardship because we recognized that stewardship itself is changing rapidly, and church leaders are adapting to these changes. I hope you enjoyed reading, and I hope you were able to apply the ideas our contributors wrote about to improve stewardship at your church.

While we’re retiring this site, Vanco continues to focus on helping churches and their leaders re-think stewardship and broaden their approaches to giving. There are exciting things in our future, and we’ll produce many more helpful written resources for church leaders in the future.

Thanks again to everyone who made Voices on Stewardship a success.

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