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While in the Army, I noticed that one of the things soldiers always looked for was the example the commander was setting. They knew what the standard was on paper. They knew what the manual said. They certainly knew what they had been told, but what really mattered to them was what they witnessed.

You could often predict what sort of unit you were joining by what you saw being done by its leaders. There might be 200 soldiers in a company, but it was usually the commander and the first sergeant who made the biggest difference by their example. If the commander said, “I will lead the run,” then you could count on everyone doing an exemplary run. If the commander said, “You guys go run,” you could count on it being less than a stellar outing.

It is no different in a church. If the pastor and staff do not lead, then it is unlikely that members will perform as they should. It is vital that pastors lead in every aspect of the Christian life, giving included. When a pastor and staff are not tithing and being generous in every possible way, seldom will I see a congregation that does. Pastors must not only give; they must also communicate that giving to their church.

1) Every year, pastors should share directly, both in writing and from the pulpit, what their gifts will be. Pastors should also share how they arrived at that amount and the spiritual process they went through in determining it.

2) Every year, pastors should sit down with all members of their program staffs and review the staff members’ giving, along with other aspects of their work. Each staff member should have already signed a covenant stating what is expected from all leaders of the church. Tithing should be a part of that covenant. If a staff member has not fulfilled part of the covenant, the pastor and staff person should design a plan to meet the standard as soon as possible.

I think you will see that once the leaders are out in front, then the entire team will run the race better than ever before.

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