Steve Caton Author

Steve is the President of The Giving Crowd and has over 25 years of experience building teams and growing innovative, rapidly growing organizations. In addition to successfully expanding a variety of companies, Steve has authored hundreds of articles and eBooks about effective leadership and organizational health. Before joining forces with Greg and Richard, Steve was part of the leadership team at one of the top church technology firms where he provided the catalyst for an 8-year period of double-digit growth. While living at the intersection of faith and technology is what Steve does on a daily basis, releasing resources to fund great causes is what matters to him…as well as enjoying the brilliant blue skies and deep powder of Colorado with his wife and two sons!

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Take the Test: Is Your Church Ready for Asset-Based Giving?

Every year we see new trends — cars, fashion, technology — we even add new words to our vocabulary. Some trends are fleeting but others...

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