Aimee Laramore Author

Aimée is a sought-after consultant, trainer and speaker whose areas of expertise include diversity in development, the implications of donor demographics in faith-based giving, creating a culture of generosity, expanding the understanding of philanthropy, and the spirituality of fundraising. As owner and lead consultant for ALlyd Image Solutions, Aimée has served in leadership roles at a variety of mission-driven agencies in the health, human services and community development fields. With more than two decades of experience, she has presented at more than 90 congregations, seminaries, development conferences, and leadership training events through her posts as Associate Director of Lake Institute on Faith & Giving, Director of Seminary Advancement for Christian Theological Seminary and in her consulting role. Specializing in facilitation, strategic planning and outcomes-based measurement, her work can be seen through more than 100 non-profit agencies. She currently dedicates her time as a philanthropic strategist for the first PhD in African American Preaching and Sacred Rhetoric. Her most important self-described accomplishments include a successful marriage of 22 years to Aaron, and her greatest calling, being a mother to Lydia, Noah and Andrew.

Life Lessons from Lydia: The Pathway to Generosity (Part 2)

The qualities of being kind and generous can be taken for granted if we are not cautious.  Many people replace the necessary roles of...

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(Part 1) Pathways to Generosity

Does your congregation struggle to explain, model or implement a “culture of generosity?” Many find that all of the talk about...

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Imperfect Allies

The great theologian Dave Chappelle introduced a concept that made me laugh out loud when he spoke about imperfect allies. In his most...

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Confronting Secrecy: A Pastor’s Knowledge of Giving

I have had very few people caution against the importance of pastoral care for the sick, broken-hearted, widows, spouses facing broken...

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The Truth About Teaching Radical Generosity

Children are wise and discerning souls, and they often require the very best of our ministry skills. This is especially true when teaching...

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Black Philanthropy Month Important to All of Us

There are countless reasons to pay attention to the designation of August as Black Philanthropy Month. It serves as a wake-up call for some...

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